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Azuricoyotes Hollandse Herders is a project of a devoted Dutch Shepherd enthusiast with a specific interest towards the longhaired variety.
I select for health and temperament. We live in Lehmo, Finland.

About us

I am Sanna Korhonen, a fan of Dutch Shepherds since 2000, an owner since 2002, and a breeder since 2011. Welcome to my website!

My breeding work concentrates on the overall health of the dog, vitality, and especially the improvement of the working abilities in the longhaired variety. I have started and will continue with dogs from shorthair background and from other heterogeneous families.

To better know who we are and what we do, please take a look at our dogs at home, future breeding prospects and dogs used for breeding in my kennel. In addition you can find individual and litter-wide data from all of our puppies on this website.

Thank you for visiting!
The breed for me

The Dutch Shepherd is ideally a healthy, always-ready-to-go dog. To fight for this I take hereditary diseases very seriously. I recognize problems are most effectively avoided by improving genetic health through heterozygosity. By temperament this breed can be delightfully adaptable and easy-going, but at the same time equipped with a natural will to work and well developed drives.

Because originally this breed developed from the need of a durable working shepherd dog, I have chosen to give "beauty" no emphasis in my selection. The outward appearance of a Dutch Shepherd should always be functional, a real "duride" type, without any structural or cosmetic extremes. I do not sell puppies based on looks, or color!

For more light to be shed on the motives behind my selection, you can read my article "The Genetic State of the Longhaired Dutch Shepherd And What Can Be Done About It".
Contact & location

We live in eastern Finland, less than 10 km from the city of Joensuu.
If you have any questions you can contact me by e-mail